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Ideal corporate communication tools

Corporate profiles nowadays are more than just colorful printed brochures. It must project your company's philosophy, achievements, resources and mission and enhance your company's corporate image just like your own brand website does.

We develop expertly designed corporate profiles for you in the form of CD presentations using cutting-edge multimedia tools. They can contain Flash animation, small video, corporate information, web site or support information and event-oriented games.

Our highly effective and professional multimedia presentations:
  •      Are customized to the requirements of your organization.
  •      Are highly interactive and modular in nature facilitating navigation incorporating music, sound effects, visual imagery,            video and 2D / 3D animations.
A presentation developed as corporate overview can be used as a trade show presentation, employee orientation, reseller education, sales presentation, direct mail piece, interactive brochure, etc.

Multimedia CD-ROM presentations are the ideal corporate communication tools for:
  •      Catalogs
  •      Manuals
  •      Business Portfolios
  •      Electronic Brochures
  •      Sales Presentations
  •      Tutorials
  •      Annual Reports
  •      Marketing Material
  •      Technical Manuals
  •      Games and Entertainment
Each multimedia graphics project is completed meticulously by following a well-thought out and carefully charted 3-stage process .

Digital catalogues

Just as multimedia presentations are enhancing corporate image, you can also boost your product's brand image by converting your existing paper catalogues into an interactive electronic catalogue. The user friendliness of an interactive digital catalogue is taking over the conventional forms of paper catalogues.

Varkul Websoft Pvt Ltd bring you digital catalogues that are favorably placed when compared with paper catalogues in terms of cost and usability. As a medium of communicating to the clients about your product, digital catalogues emerge as sure favorites. We can convert any type of paper catalogues to digital media, which can be distributed in CD format.

Instead of simple conversion by scanning your brochure, we add value to it by using flash animation, interactive buttons and music and voice over (if required.)

Varkul Websoft Pvt Ltd has a powerful track record in graphics design , especially in 3D modeling and 3D images, animated gifs, cartoon animation , multimedia presentations, company logo design and flash animation .

Contact us today with your graphic design project. We are sure our cost advantages are really going to surprise you!

Multimedia Presentation

  • Increase profit margins
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Expand their market reach
  • Focus on their core competence
  • Implement Global operating model
  • Increase global skills
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