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Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) has almost overnight become the dominant on-line activity. 21st Century Web believes that no two businesses are exactly alike, and because a business Web site is really an extension of the business itself, no two business Web sites are exactly alike and they should never be.

Electronic Commerce is no exception. The concept may be same which is to sell products, but selling your product in the most efficient  It may be anything from a simple advertising presentation available on the World Wide Web, or an e-mail communication; all the way to an entire multi-million dollar transaction initiated and  promulgated in electronic form up; to and in some cases including the actual delivery via the net of information intensive goods or services.

Advantages of E-commerce
The advantages of E-Commerce from a commercial perspective are numerous

  1. Online and more or less instantaneous searches with an unlimited number of criteria such as description,category, subcategory, location,color, size, and price range - i.e. The use of computerized information management for a huge and rapidly expanding globally distributed knowledge/information base along with the availability of full colour media including graphics, animation, sound and now video and no space or time limitations as to information delivery.

  2. Full two-way 24 hours/day, 7 days/week communications/information access capability which allows for instantaneous response and feedback concerning product/services and related information.

  3. Full processing of transactions (including delivery) for information intensive goods such as software, text, images, video, and music;downloadable directly to the consumer's computer at the time of purchase and including the opportunity for limitless product comparison. All of this leads directly to greatly intensified competition in these markets and lower margins, reducing costs to the end user.

  4. The elimination of the need for middlemen (disintermediation), leading to lowered transaction costs (including marketing, sales, transaction processing), reduced overhead, and reduced inventory and labor costs.

  5. The delivery of after-sales service and support directly and low cost.

E- Commerce Website

  • Increase profit margins
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Expand their market reach
  • Focus on their core competence
  • Implement Global operating model
  • Increase global skills
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