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A dynamic website is required for content such as online databases, e-business, collaborative content, membership, private areas, knowledge base, a resume or jobs database, online shopping site etc. A dynamic web page is any web page which has content that is changed by a program or script at the time the page is requested. Dynamic website pages are pages that allow a user to set preferences regarding what kind of information will be displayed.

There is a major difference between building a static website and building a dynamic website . A simple static website is an interactive information sheet of your products and services while a dynamic website is capable of engaging the visitor and impacting the business more dramatically. If all you want to do is present information, then a static web site is all you need. Dynamic website is required for content such as e-business, collaborative content, and member-only.

Dynamic Website Types:

     Database driven Website

     e-Commerce Website

     e-Business Website

     Knowledge Base Website

     Jobs Database

     Resume Database

     Member-only sites



When developing your website, your web pages are either designed as dynamic or static. Essentially, static web pages are those on your site that send exactly the same response to every search request.  On the other hand, dynamic pages are most often customized to offer some form of personalization in the response displayed to the end customer.

Dynamic pages are obviously beneficial, and although search engines may be able to index some of them, generally the pure volume alone is an inhibiting factor to most Search Engines.

In a entirely dynamic website, all web contents are stored in a database and assembled into a web page when the page is requested. The dynamic site is essential when frequent change in website content is essential and also to reduce maintenance of the site for the users who do not know HTML. In dynamic websites when the content is retrieved it is merged with a template that provides components that are common to the whole site or sub sections of the site and also includes components that control the style of presentation for the user entered data.

    Professional web designing solutions staring from domain name registration, graphic designing, logo design, web page design        including flash web design, flash introduction, flash panel designing, static web page development, corporate web designing.        We also take care of all your web hosting requirements. Our web page layouts are search engine friendly and browser        compatibility.

    Complete web design with international quality layouts, theme based presentation, attractive color combination with elegant        copy writing and innovative designs.

    Professional web design team is well aware of latest designing tools including dreamweaver, HTML, DHTML, graphic software,        scripting, flash, animation, coding, decoding, CGI, Perl, XML, Java scripting etc.

    Web solutions for static web designing and dynamic web designing. All web pages are being designed by keeping in mind fast        downloading which is very essential as website visitor cannot wait for more time as there is different internet speed in different        countries. While designing web page we also understand target audience which helps us to design page either aggressive,        sober or simple with types of graphic to be used with minimum downloading time. Theme of the web site also depends on  the        type of business, target audience, geographical location of target audience etc.

    Web design services from the experts with strategic thinking top designers, personal attention to each and every web design        projects, competitive prices, and search engine friendly layouts and contents.

    Original design also includes professional flash introduction of web site, logo designs, web page development, multimedia        presentations, web based software programming for search engine friendly web site.

    Redesigning of website if it looks outdated or does not look as professional as you want or it's not as productive because it is        not search engine friendly. We can serve you by redesigning complete website which has a professional look and ready for        search engine optimization. Websites need continuous refinement and improvement with professional web designing services.

    Benefits of website design includes awareness of products, services of your company, reduction of advertising, reduces        communication cost for your website with expansion of market place. Web site easily attracts customers locally as well as        nationally and internationally by a search engine friendly website which will maximize your marketing investment.

    Experience and expertise of handling web design projects from remote, already serving the customers from different countries        including USA, UK, Greece, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Africa, Canada, UAE and customers all over the world for web        designing, web development, web hosting and search engine optimization. We at Opal Infotech, India a website design        company can help you with just about everything from professional web site designing to search engine optimization.

Web Application Development India,Web Development Company in India

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