Web Design India,Designing Website Development Company,Custom Website Designing
Web Design India,Designing Website Development Company,Custom Website Designing Web Design India,Designing Website Development Company,Custom Website Designing Web Design India,Designing Website Development Company,Custom Website Designing

  Welcome to Varkul Websoft Pvt Ltd - About Us

We are a web development, software development and consulting firm based at New Delhi, the capital of India which is also the corporate and Information Technology hub of the subcontinent.  Varkul was found in the year 2000 and since then Varkul has been involved in the business of providing professional Web site design, graphic design, E-Business development, and Internet promotion services to clients across the globe. Varkul has provided services to a wide range of industries in the field of customized web development, software development, database oriented applications and to act as an offshore development center for overseas development firms.

Our team consists of talented award winning design professionals and experienced programmers.

We at Varkul Websoft Pvt Ltd are proud of our reputation, offering a friendly and flexible approach which ensures long-term partnerships with our clients. We are known for the high professional standards of our work and our commitment to exceptionally high levels of customer service and satisfaction. We empower our clients, offering them direct control over their projects and supporting them every step of the way. We believe in long term relationships. We are flexible, helpful and always put customer satisfaction on the top priority.

We do it right the first time

Varkul Websoft Pvt Ltd delivers with exceptional professionalism and full return on investment accountability. We ensure a proper channel of communication and project management so that your project is developed exactly the way you want. We utilize a comprehensive development approach to define your goals, establish your objectives, and provide you with the most effective solutions that are tailored to meet your needs and philosophy.

What we offer

We offer a complete range of web technology related services. Our services includes web design,  graphic design, flash design, application development , web promotion, web hosting, multimedia, data processing and consultancy providing our customers with cutting-edge technology and enabling them to compete in the revolutionary e-Business arena.

Our Commitment

At Varkul Websoft Pvt Ltd we are committed towards achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring quality, cost effective and timely solutions. It would be our endeavor to achieve this with technical, financial, business and moral excellence.

Our work and our commitment to our clients have earned us an impressive client portfolio and a reputation to be proud of. We place a firm focus on maintaining a true partnership with our clients that enables us to transform their business ideas & concepts into reality.

Our client's satisfaction is our dedication. Our goal is not only to offer our customers the best e-solutions, but also to build an enduring and lasting relationship by helping them develop and evolve their business on the Internet. 

Why Varkul

We have listed below in a few points the benefits that you may derive in having Varkul develop your project. You may click through the following links to read the same.

Critical understanding of the objective
Future ready low-cost applications
Location transparency
Tailor-made solutions
Our Approach

Critical understanding of the objective ( Back to top )

Solution should be in the critical path of the customer and value should come through differentiation from other service Companies / Uniqueness.

We ensure that a business school graduate with experience in technology implementation is in touch with the client before the techies take over. This initial business process is necessary to ensure that the correct understanding is carried forward via flowcharts, without any loss in the business plan, to the final product.

A solution with requisite scalability inherent comes with the critical understanding of the objective in the very beginning. This minimizes the need for substantial re-writes of codes when it comes to upgrades or modifications.

Future ready low-cost applications ( Back to top )

Dedicated manpower, still lower costs, ease of use and fast deployment of applications; No substantial re-writes required for upgrades and changes.

The dedicated team that takes over a project once awarded, is in constant touch with the client for free flow of information, updates and change requirements.

Our various accreditations such as STPI help us to leverage the latest technologies and hardware while keeping costs  down to a minimum.

Location transparency  ( Back to top )

Location transparency - URL for all work and projects

A testing platform is allocated to all the ongoing projects. Thus work done, is uploaded onto the test server(s) on a regular basis, so that the client can check the progress real time.

A two way communication channel with the client is open all the time. The assigned technical project manager makes sure that work is uploaded onto test server, feedbacks from the client received and required action taken on a regular basis.

Legacy ( Back to top )

Legacy - Cross functional apps which maps with existing data and applications of the enterprise

The critical factor for transitioning from an existing legacy application to a customized solution is "conversion". Conversion of data and users. Varkul has created several adapters and middle tier apps which allow for seamless conversion and/or map existing data from the legacy applications to new platform apps. This also allows users to continue working on the existing and pre-entered data without any latency.

The legacy adapters also permit phased transitioning for departments and different locations, thereby permitting use of either legacy or new application during this period.

Tailor-made solutions ( Back to top )

Packaged software is 10% shrink wrap and 90% services - installation, integration/implementation, training etc.

One inherent problem with Off-the-shelf software is its ability or rather the lack of it to fit smugly in place. Enormous amount of resources (costs of implementation, training and process re-orientation) may yet be spent before the software starts to function and achieve it's objectives. Installation, integration with existing systems (specially legacy apps) and paying for additional not-required features are just a few of the hitches that may work as a deterrence.

Tailor-made software on the other hand is easier to start using:

- Objective frozen and communicated to the developer
- System flow generated
- existing processes and methods taken into account
- Time frame projected
- Both way communication channel opened
- Test server allocated
- phased or single transition
- Progress monitoring made live
- Feedbacks taken care of
- Beta and other testing phases
- Seamless integration with existing system (including legacy)
- Only final touches required in short training
- Cross-over time minimized
- No downtime
- Money well spent with no waste in not-required features.
We are transparent, fair and consistent in dealing with all people.

We are proud of our reputation, offering a friendly and flexible approach which ensures long-term partnerships with our clients. We empower our clients, offering them direct control over their projects and supporting them every step of the way.

Our Approach ( Back to top )

  • Understanding Needs :- We ask questions, get into the depth of work, anticipate challenges, share ideas and work together to achieve goals.
  • Cost effective and practical solutions :- We create websites and web applications which are easy to use, easy to implement and easy to update. We know how to harness the power of the Internet to generate a tangible return on your investment.
  • Flexible and low cost :- We offer flexible pricing policies, allowing our clients to spread development costs over a period of time.
  • Constant upgrade of Technology :- We believe technology is a key to the future success of our organization. We encourage our people learn and implement new technologies. We design in house websites, applications and portals to practice new technology before offering it to our customers.
  • After Sales Support and Long term relationship :- We aim to maintain long term relationships with our customers. We provide complete after sale support like, training to the staff on how to use the technology, training to their customers, updating and maintenance of website and applications and stay with our customers at every stage when they need our services.
  • Empowering customers :- We keep updated our clients on each and every stage of development. We provide online project control panel wherever required and advise our customers to new developments in the web industry which may benefit their business.

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Web Design India,Designing Website Development Company,Custom Website Designing

Web Design India,Designing Website Development Company,Custom Website Designing
  • Increase profit margins
  • Reduce their operating costs
  • Expand their market reach
  • Focus on their core competence
  • Implement Global operating model
  • Increase global skills
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