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Character animation India,2D animators India,Character animation IndiaCharacter animation IndiaAnimation India,2D animators India,Character animation India


Welcome to Varkul websoft Pvt Ltd-2D Animation

Varkul produces professional quality Cel animation for Television, web, and CD ROM media. We adopt modern techniques to produce professional Cel Animation. Over the years we have mastered the art of creating traditional 2D Animation making use of state-of-the-art animation productions setup. Our creative team is skilled in character design, story-boarding, creating basic animation, creating in-between frames, making backgrounds, lip sync, Audio-synchronisation, non-linear editing and an over all Audio production and video production based in 2D Animation. 2D Animation involves complete story boarding right from every scene of the animation, background design, character design and cell animation having a precise frame-to-frame animation. It also involves perfect voice synching and flow of the animation with any background music involved.

Varkul websoft Pvt.Ltd is specialised in traditional Cel Animation production. Good drawing and illustration are the backbone of our Cel animation production and we as Varkul are proud to say that we have artists those who are skilled in Fine Arts and have undergone special training. They are able to give life to the inanimate characters. We believe that the real test of an animator's work is determined by the ability of their characters to influence the emotions of the audience by their “acting” skills.

Besides the backbone of good drawing, there are many other animation processes involved in the production and in which our team has good skill set – like…  

Varkul websoft Pvt.Ltd has its own style of providing treatment to any animation production. We get all the details of story, style and culture and accordingly we define the treatment for overall feel of sequences especially scene Background detailing, character outlining style, color techniques (flat color, water color, oil color etc.) levels of layers… are some of the key points to be taken care.
Character Development

We follow step-by-step approach to design and develop a particular character. We work out some set of options and shape-up the characters best matching to the actual requirement in story.


The idea is to make viewers react in the same manner as the character. It's about creating a character that brings out a specific emotion of joy, anger, sadness, etc. from viewers. Giving expression to character is the most challenging job for an animator. We follow some stages to define expressions that match best to particular character.

CG Animation

Under this title, we consider such 2D Animations, which are generated with the help of computers. That includes Flash Animations, Gif Animations and even Cel Animations with the help of computer graphic tools.

Flash Animation is one of the most specialized areas of interest for Varkul. Our flash animators aregeared up for all challenges and new technology up gradations in Flash animation. Till date we have created some interesting animations in interactive and non-interactive mode like flash animation cartoons.


2D animators India,Character animation India

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